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cardboard vinni masks...   
11:38pm 27/07/2005
  vinni went to california on vacation and he called me today and told me that hes not coming back. i love vinni. he was one of my best friends.

i was thinking about all the fun things we've done. and im never going to see him or experience anything with him again.

i wish i would've known he was leaving forever. he was mad at me when he left. i wish i could go back and say something different and appreciate that he was around me.

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i have to go pee so bad right now.. *squeezes legs together* and the crazy humping bug   
01:19am 21/07/2005
mood: grumpy
omg guys, there was this crazy psycho bug on the window outside today.
i was sitting in the living room and out of the corner of my eye i saw this weird bug outside the window and it was moving around like it was being blowed in the wind but i realized there was no wind around. So i took a closer look, and it was a giant misquito and it was moving its butt up and down really really fast. it was crazy.. it looked like it was humping the window. and it wouldnt stop. i stared at it for like 15 minutes and it didnt even take a rest.. it just kept goin up and down and up and down. and then pedro came over like an hour later and we were sitting in the living room and i saw it out of the corner of my eye again and i was like, "HOLY SHIT!" "its still doing it" and pedro thought i was crazy for being amused by it. it seriously lost its marbles, it was a crazy ass bug. i bet its still doing it right now. but im gonna refrain from checking, cuz that would so.... be like i didnt have a life..

Kristie Ally or whatever her name was, was on oprah today. and she is really really halariously funny. I love her!

i was thinking of getting my car painted candy red. with marlin brando on the hood that says.. 19whatever-2004"il padrino" what do you guys think?....
gangster or what, bitches?!

i gotta pee so flippin bad


shop fresh, fast, and friendly,
with kash n karry! *does cheezy smile*

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12:51am 19/07/2005
mood: excited
im almost done with my room. its so ancient looking.. and gold. and red. i love it.

my dad has an interview tomorrow as a teacher at the highschool.. i hope he gets it.

my shirt smells like walmart. prolly cuz pedro bought it from walmart and left it here and now im wearing it.

the last 3 paragraphs have ended in the word "it".

make that four.

justin davis's mom just signed on. i think i'll build up my courage and..

AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i got justin davis's cell phone number!!! *orgasmic moan* YES! YES! YAY! WOOOOO! go me! go me! i think ill call it. I think i'll call it now.. dammit.. its 1:25 in the morning........ shit shit shit! AHH! ill have to call him tomorrow... yeah! first thing in the morning! YEAH! justin phone!!! tomorrow! IT WILL RING! and he'll pick and and be like, "hello?" in his sexy justin davis voice! and ill be like, "hello justin davis... how would you like to maybe.. go to the mall with me today? " and he'll be like, "why i would love to beth. Let me get myself together, i'll need about an hour." and then an hour later, ill pick him up, and we'll have a long meaningful conversation in the car on the way there. then when we get there, we'll go into dillards, and ill be he;ll be like, "beth, i had such a good time on the ride over here, that i have a massive erection, and i want you right here and right now" then we'll have hott passionate sex on the floor of dillards.

score one for beth bitches.

you're jealous

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pedros dad..and uncle.... *sigh*   
02:09am 18/07/2005
mood: sleepy
I definetly know where pedro gets his good looks. I wouldnt call him hott, but damn.. hes pretty close to it. you cant call your boyfriends dad hott its wrong on many levels, unless i would.

he doesnt talk much. probably because he doesnt speak much english. and he doesnt smile much. i bet hes killed someone b4..he seems gangster like that. major turn on. lol..

He's like pedro only not quite as skinny. and much tanner. He's got buggy eyes and wears mexican boots.

whenever i go to their house, he says, "ah, es la nina!" and starts laughing hysterically for some reason.. lol , and im like, "HEY!!! It's senor gonzalez! How ya doing today?!" then i always shake his hand..

another hottie, is pedros uncle Ramon. He wears gold chains and rings and gels his hair back... and unbuttons his white dress shirts to show his manly chest hair. lol... he doesnt sound hott but he is. he looks like a mexican mobster. and we all know how i love mobsters.

pedro's like all his hott relitives chemically combined into one MEGA-SEXY being of hottness!! my boyfriend and his uncle and dad are hotter than your boyfriend and his uncle and dad, kristina! nah nah! pplrhhh (sound of blowing outward while tongue is out)

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pedro and his cute nice self   
12:37am 18/07/2005
mood: loved
Today i went to church with pedro. his sister marcela kept talkin to me and pedro kept yelling at me to shut up because i was at church, even though i want doing anything. Then we went to pedro's grandpa's house. He doesnt speak english, so i had a very short conversation with him in spanish. just basically, "Como ustas usted" "me llamo beth" "y tu?" "me gusta su casa"... then a little about "futbol" and thats it. lol its was fun. he's nice.

then on the way back there was a car accident on the side of the road and no ambulances there. the car flipped over on 301. so pedro pulled the car over and helped this girl on the ground that was all... out of shape and he used his favorite shirt on her. isnt that nice of him. he wrapped it around her bleeding forehead til the ambulance arrived. He's such a hero. the girl was ok, just bleeding alot. and pedro used his stretchy clingy collared yellow shirt that his mom bought him at walmart that smelled really good on her. because he is a loving caring guy. He thinks of other people before himself and im going to marry him someday. *eyes turn watery with joy* I love pedro.

~beth gonzalez

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something to think about:   
01:26am 17/07/2005
mood: blank
you never see any fat maniquins.

Star nosed moles are just... gross

Do penguins have feathers?

What exactly do rainbows have to do with irish leprichauns, and good luck?... and do they have more rainbows in ireland than any where else in the world.

Have you ever thought that maybe ur the only person who exists and your own imagination creates people around you and your surroundings and you make things possible or impossible and the whole world is a dream, or a figment of your imagination. Things dont exist unless you see them. For example. China doesnt exist because i've never been there. *nods*

Elephants are the only animals with knees besides humans.

Who really speaks the correct accent of english? People in england, or us Americans.

When will the Harry Potter series end? If i was that rowling chick i'd just be like, "ENOUGH! how many god damn books do i have to write for you lil shitheads!!!"

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hillys birthday!   
01:09am 16/07/2005
mood: content
well happy birthday hills! even though im like an hour and 9 minutes late. its still friday to me though because i havent went to sleep yet.

pedro blamed me for breaking his passanger side window.. because quote, "im the only person that ever sits there." isnt that some bullshit.

i think ill make a mario lanza cd

ya know... i hope i dont die any time soon. Because i havent been to confession, since like years ago. I was worried about that today. If i die soon, im goin to hell. i just know it. I'm afraid of dying. I believe in heaven.. but what if there's nothing. People have to think of something to come after death because humans cant comprihend that what if there IS nothing. like, absolutely nothing at all. You just end. All of you. Everythings just black and it will be that way for eternity. That's why theres a heaven. Because if you think of death in the other way, its too depressing and unreal. I think i'll live life to the fullest and be cautious not to die soon. I wonder what IS next.. Guess I'll find out one day...
It's all kind of scary. Dying. I'm really afraid of it. It doesn't matter if it's today, or tommorrow, or 80 years from now. I'm going to die. we're all going to die. and there's nothing we can do about it. There's no way to get out of it. We're all going to die...

But, on a happier note, my dad might get a job as a reading teacher. That'd be awesome. I hope he gets it.

And on a more random note, I'm on my last tampon...

amore! BETHY

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one helluva joke   
09:48pm 14/07/2005
mood: happy
How can you tell when a rhinocerous is in your fridge?

woo... thats one helluva joke

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09:34pm 14/07/2005
mood: hot
I went Zindeling today! they just got back from erie. and now im waiting for pedro to come pick me up so i can go to his house and watch porn with him... OH PSYCH! gotcha... like i'd watch porn with pedro.. come ON!

I've decided that one day, I am going to be....


but not just any anchorwoman from a local channel. Like Tom Broca.. or Dick Flecher, or Reginald Roundtree... no one likes them, they're just worthless peices of shit actually. *nods*
I'm gonna be the big times... i'm gonna be a reporter, anchorwoman, and a meteorologist for CNN. And i will bring the news to you at home everyday.

AHHH whens pedro gonna get here. We're not gonna have time to watch the whole thing.. of the show, i meant..heh... yes, the show we watch on thursdays. can't miss it.

Tomorrow hilly's my neighbor. You better be allowed to come over, hilly. what happens if someone tries to break into my house and rape me. then you'd be sorry. you'll see

nos vemos! BETHY

ps- have you guys ever heard of yo yo ma. you should hear about him.. hes a funny guy


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orgy saturday. dont be late   
08:08pm 13/07/2005
mood: bored
im finally employed. John's didn't count cuz i only worked there for 2 days. But kash n karry kicks ass! i got paid $114.94 today.


its a fun job. when no ones at my register i read about the moon exploding in 6 months and about the giant groundhog in that gay magazine.

Oh, and i just found out, that we are getting a new member to the Ottis Allen/Tall drive community. Lets put our hands together for HILARY! 2 houses down from mine! YES!

just to warn you, im gonna go to your house like everyday and ask you for cups of sugar and neighborly things like that, and AND OH HILARY YES! we can go for walks together! with skeeter.. awww. and.. we can have yardsales. that'll be fun. AND COOK OUTS AHH!

So, Kristina might babysit me on saturday, hilary, u can come too, you'll be close anyways. My parents wont be home so we can throw an emormous orgy party, and invite pedro and his dad.

cant wait.

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12:28pm 16/06/2005
mood: amused
Go to http://www.altavista.com/tr and try this.

Nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple hills. I've climbed the highest mountain. Once or twice but who's counting. But nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple hills. Cool, Calm just like my mom with a couple of valium inside her palm. It's mister mischeif with a trick up his sleeve.

translated from english to italian, from italian to french, from french to english:

nothing confronts with these hills violates blue and yellow. I climbed the highest mountain, formerly that or twice but which has been counted. But nothing confronts with these hills violates blue and yellow. Cold, calm, hardly like my mom with a couple of valium inside its palm tree. It is trick of the mister with fakes on its sleeve.

i think my favorite part is probably the last sentence

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1st journal entry ... woo.. yes!   
12:36am 16/06/2005
mood: hopeful
for those who dont speak italian, ricciogrosso, means fat hedgehog.. thought it might be a fun livejournal name. My dad's leaving for Philly, then Erie tomorrow.. and hes not taking me. Asshole. i love shopping there. Speaking of shopping, i bought some dickies today. i look like im a punk rocker in em. ha, yeah right. Picture me liking rock music. Jerry Vale will always be my musical hero. i heard about that new law that music cant be played in your car where it can be heard up to 25 feet away.isnt that some bullshit. your car is the only place loud music is allowed. they outlawed it in your home, where the hell r u supposed to listen to music on full blast anymore. im gonna get pulled over like a bizzilion times. the fines are 70 bucks. And i just got 4 more tweeters hooked up to my backseat. im gonna be broke. So is Pedro, his system bumps. Speaking of Pedro, i was shirtless in his room today well with a bra.. and elizabeth (his sister) knocks on the door. Im thinkin to myself, "no, pedros not gonna open the door, he knows i don't have a shirt on and he's not that stupid." and he goes to open the door and im like, "PEDRO WHAT THE HELL, DON'T OPEN THE.."... and he opens it, without even thinking. duh, retard... it was so embarassing. Elizabeth's like, "EW, omg Beth!" Seriously, Pedro's so dumb sometimes. A lot of the time. i love him though. what if that was his dad at the door. WEIRD!!! He'd be like "Hay Dios Mio!" that'd be crazy. This is gonna sound really really totally slutty, but his dad is actually not that bad looking. If i was his age, i'd so do him. and the fact that he has a hott mexican accent and can barely speak english totally turns me on. Pedro's dad is pretty damn hott. I guess its not that slutty, liking my boyfriend's dad... i mean, compared to the other people i've thought were hott... like my biology teacher, and my half brother.. that was so wrong. ::sigh:: good memories though.. and not as in, "good remembrances of the times we've had sex" just as in, "oh yeah, i remember that", you horny sickos. hmm.. anyways, i hope i get a job soon. And i hope my dad can find one soon. i love my daddy and i feel so bad for him. he's been through so much bull shit. He found out today that his daughter by his frist marraige is naming her soon-to-be-born son after my dad's ex-best friend that slept with his wife and remarried her and has been with her for the last 17 years. and all his friends are dying and he has no one to golf with anymore. maybe i'll call Zeke. i wish i could golf. well im done... im tired and i gotta wake up at 4:30 to say goodbye to my dad. Maybe he'll get a job when he comes back. doubt it though, he's applied to like 20 places. So have I. But i totally screwed my chances at Quizno's cuz i couldnt figure out that 60 was 20 percent of 300 when the manager asked me. i was nervous....gimme a break. Maybe ill get a call anyways.

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